Cookies Policy

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are little data- or text files that are placed on your local computer by websites and applications. These cookies can have different objectives: you can have technical cookies (for example with language settings), session cookies (temporary cookies) and tracking cookies (cookies that monitor and track your behavior, to offer you a more optimal user experience this way).

2. What use do these cookies have?

We strive to inform you to the best of our abilities about the new legislation and about which cookies we use. By using the Website, you agree with the use of the cookies. Cookies help us to completely optimize your visit to the Website, to remember technical choices (for example a language choice, a new newsletter, your profile, et cetera), and to show you more relevant services and offers.

If you want to consult our website, enabling the cookies is recommended. Without the cookies being enabled, it is possible that we are not able to guarantee you a problem free visit of the Website. If you rather not use these cookies, you are free to disable the cookies.

We use cookies to improve your visit on our Website. The cookies that we use are safe. The information that we collect with the help of the cookies, help us to identify potential mistakes or to let you see specific services which we think that can be of use to you. It is possible that we safe information that is directly related to you. In addition, we may use cookies of carefully chosen partners with whom we work together and who advertise our services on their website.

3. What kind of cookies does we use?

We use only our own functional cookie for monitoring session and user preferences of the use of our SaaS application.

Please read our Privacy Statement for more information with regard to the processing of Personal Data by Adnovation.

4. How can I manage my cookies?

Ensure that cookies are enabled in your browser in order to obtain a problem free visit of the Website. You can of course choose to disable the cookies for this Website, this needs to be done on all devices via which you use the Website. How you can do this depends on the browser you are using, you will find more information on how to manage your cookies via the help screen of your Internet browser.

5. What are my rights?

Since the use of cookies can imply the processing of Personal Data, you, as concerned party, have got the right to a lawful and safe processing of your Personal Data. As a concerned party, you can exercise the following rights:

  • Right to object: If there are any serious and justified reasons, you can object to the processing of your Personal Data.
  • Right of access: Every concerned party who proves his identity, has the right to have access to the information concerning the possible processing of his or her Personal Data, to the objectives of this processing and lastly to the categories of receivers of the Personal Data.
  • Right to correct: At the request of the concerned party, inexact or incomplete Personal Data can always be corrected or erased.
  • The execution of these rights happens in accordance with the modalities as determined in our Privacy Statement. If you still have questions or comments after reading this cookie statement, you can contact us via